Mon, 2011-10-10

USC’s SmartState center for nuclear to receive gift

From the Columbia Regional Business Report

A gift will be announced Tuesday to help establish a new SmartState Center of Economic Excellence at the University of South Carolina.

The center, which will include an endowed chair and associated faculty, will work with the state’s nuclear industry and the Savannah River National Laboratory on ways to reduce the cost of building nuclear plants, increase efficiency of new plant construction, enhance the security of nuclear power generation, and address social policy issues.

Also, center researchers will be charged with teaching the next generation of nuclear engineers, helping the state maintain a leadership role within the industry and attracting talented students to South Carolina. And they will partner with South Carolina State University and Clemson University in teaching nuclear engineers and technicians.

The Center received a grant from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission that will fund two USC Ph.D. students in nuclear science.

With more than half of the electricity produced in the state generated by commercial reactors, South Carolina is a national leader in nuclear power.

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